Indoor LED Screen Series

Heloled Indoor LED Screen Series

Vivid and Attention-Grabbing Capabilities

With more than 10 years of transforming businesses and brands using LED Screen, HeloLED is always looking for ways to incorporate events with the latest technology. We at HeloLED strive to bring our local events up to international standards.

Indoor LED Screen Are Appropriate for Displays with High-Resolution Contents and Low Pixel Pitch.

As the name implies, indoor LED refers to the large and medium-sized LED screen equipment used indoors. Indoor LED screens are often utilized in display boards, restaurants, malls, offices, conference spaces, and retail establishments, etc. These devices can be seen everywhere. The area of indoor LED screen ranges from one square meter to more than ten square meters because its density of luminous spots is relatively high, the performance of indoor LED screen​ is slightly lower than the outdoor LED screen.

The Only Limitation Is Your Imagination.

It's Fast And Efficient Delivery Of Your Brand And Messages To Your Viewers.

Flat Screen Module

Using a light, thin and fine design concept, the disassembly and maintenance become very convenient. The high-quality SMD technology and unique hardware system ensure that the screen produces a perfect display.

Flexible LED Module

The flexible LED module can be replaced or taken out from the front side easily. It can form special-shape LED display as you like to make the screen more fashionable and attractive.

Iron-Cast LED Cabinet

It serves as lightweight structural frames for the indoor display screens. They offer high-resolution options to the indoor screens. Indoor LED screen cabinets provide convenience and preservation for the LED screens.

Die-Cast LED Cabinet

Die cast cabinets serve as a crucial component of LED screens. They play an important role in LED screens because they can be made from different materials and a wide range of sizes and designs available in LED screen cabinets.